What Amazing Glazing has to offer

What Amazing Glazing has to offer - dumfries virginia glass company

What Amazing Glazing has to offer

Amazing Glazing is a glass and mirror company in Dumfries, VA. We offer a wide variety of glass and mirror services to our clients. Here is a look into what Amazing Glazing has to offer:

Custom Glass Backsplashes

Another exemplary service is our contemporary glass backsplashes for kitchens and bathrooms. This is a service that is very popular in Europe and has currently begun gaining increased popularity in the United States.

Glass Shower Enclosures

Glass showers are an excellent way to add a pristine touch to your home. It adds a sense of luxury. There are different designs to use such a patterned glass to add a sense of privacy.

Commercial Storefronts

Not only do we offer residential services, but we also provide glass and mirror services to our commercial customers. We do storefront window installations to add an impressive look and feel to your business.


We pride ourselves on being an excellent glass and mirror company. We offer professional window replacement and installation. We oversee the entire project to ensure complete customer satisfaction when replacing or installing your window designs.

Custom Mirrors

Another glass and mirror service we offer is custom mirrors. This is seen as one of the most coveted services because having a custom mirror design is something most homeowners dream of. We are proud to offer this glass and mirror service to our clients. To see examples of our custom mirrors you can view our gallery online on our website at www.amazinglazing.online.

Repairs and Maintenance

We also offer glass and mirror repairs and maintenance. Every homeowner or storeowner will find themselves in need of repairs or maintenance eventually. This is why we provide exceptional repairs and maintenance for all clients. To get a custom quote, you can give us a call at 703-291-5839 or visit us online at our website.

This is just a look into what we offer, for the full list and details visit us online.

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